Transfer Rumors & Roster Moves

Sali becomes the youngest non-Homegrown or drafted player to sign for FC Dallas.
FC Dallas is adding some academy talent to North Texas SC.
Despite the earlier rumors, the offers haven't come in yet for Ferreira.
It should be no surprise to anyone who cares about FC Dallas that there are going to be clubs interested in Ferreira.
Let's get into the second part of our early look at the 2024 roster build.
Since we have a little time to dive into non-game related things, we're going to look at the club's roster build out going into 2024.
"Andres had to do magic."
FCD got one more deal done this week by adding another defensive midfielder.
The league's summer transfer window wrapped up on Tuesday.
The Edwin Cerrillo trade makes a little more sense now.
On paper, it seems like this one makes more sense for North Texas.
The former Homegrown could make his way back to Dallas on a loan.