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Big D Soccer is here to build a community of FC Dallas fans. This blog is nothing without the members, their opinions and their passion.

We were founded by Daniel Robertson back in 2009 (or so…we’re fuzzy on the dates). We joined the SB Nation blog network and immediately took off as one of the go-to spots for FC Dallas news and opinion.

But all of that changed in January 2023, when Vox Media / SB Nation cut many of their MLS-focused sites. That included Big D Soccer. We were obviously disappointed, but we have been determined not to let this be the end of our coverage.

The move

We’ve shifted gears with our move to the Substack network. And honestly, it has been a big step forward for Big D Soccer! For starters, when you subscribe, you get our posts directly in your inbox or in the SubStack App (which, by the way, we recommend downloading ASAP!). All of our game insights, coverage, interviews, etc. will come directly to those two spots as well as this website. We will still share links on our Twitter, but that hasn’t been as big of a priority since SubStack and Twitter have some ongoing beef.

The best part of this move has to be no corporate overlords and absolutely no ads. Yeah, no giant ads that take up your entire screen. No ads to scroll through to make your way to the comments section. They’re all gone here. It is clean and simple. Honestly, it is the way sports coverage should have always been.

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What you can expect

From week to week, we will provide every bit of FC Dallas news, thoughts, and opinions that we can. That includes discussion before the game, lineup notes ahead of kickoff on game days, post-game follow-ups, and much more. We’ll have interviews with coaches and players as well as insights and opinions about the team we love.

We will also work on covering North Texas SC and the FC Dallas academy teams as well (though we could use a little help in this area).

Lastly, we hope to start doing Q&As with you, our readers. We want this to be a place where you can have a conversation with one another and with us about FC Dallas, North Texas SC, and Major League Soccer.

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