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FC Dallas vs Sporting Kansas City: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from a playoff clinching win.

FC Dallas clinched a playoff spot on Sunday evening with a massive 6-0 win over Sporting Kansas City.

FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez

On his general thoughts on the match…This has been an emotional rollercoaster but at the same time it’s more in terms of the last few weeks, we haven’t had some of our best performances, we have had some away games that we suffered in, and didn’t get the results we wanted, so those are concerning things but these boys have been really open to feedback and they take things like men and terms of ownership and accountability and honesty to change. We worked on a few things that helped our approach in this game against a very good team by the way, and to me that result doesn’t reflect the game, that’s tough for them in terms of playing a game and not having the mathematical opportunity to get into the playoffs but they played some young players. They are a club that the academy and the youth is important, so they gave some young guys opportunities, and so I respect that a lot, and I can identify with that. We have to take care of our business and I thought from kickoff we showed that. We wanted to get pressure on the ball, we wanted to show urgency, we wanted to show that we were going to win this game and go for this game, and we did that. Up until the end I think we showed that, all of our qualities shown through, and that is obviously reflected in the scoreline, but it could have been 1-0 or 6-0. I thought our players played good football and left a lot of energy on the field, and in terms of transitions and recovery runs and duels.

On the upcoming match…I have to be so proud of the players and the staff. I’m really honored to work with them, and we have the opportunity to fight for the jersey in another game, I know it’s away and it’s in a tough environment in Seattle, but we were just there and we are not afraid. We are going to be aware, they have some great tools and a great environment, but we are going to go there and try and change the history of this club over there and try and get the opportunity to play at home in front of our fans. So we have four steps, we talked about five steps to win an MLS cup, five games, five steps, and now it is four, and we have the opportunity to make a performance that earns a third.

On the importance of the playoffs...A lot. This was one of our team goals at the beginning of the season. We just entered the playoffs so this is a step in the right direction, it feels good, but after tonight it is done and we can either be content and happy to be in the playoffs, or we can be hungry for more, so we have the opportunity to gain momentum and to do something about that to gain more and earn more.

On the final performance and how it can help going forward...We were efficient tonight, we were efficient from the beginning of the game, the ball goes over the top, Cobra makes a great run and anticipates the last line and Cobra is not a wing type profile, athletically in terms of speed, but he is smart and he showed some technique and some timing, and he had the reference between the center backs, and he showed something that was great because he is usually a target in the box but this time he opened them up with runs in behind and that was important to us to be successful tonight and we got the first goal because of that.

On the response after Colorado…Last week or actually the last two weeks we were very focused on our games, but we were very mindful of the other games, what could happen in the other games, and I would say we were somewhat lucky last week in terms of the results. This week we were really focused on purely our game, and we had very little concern for the other results, we focused 100% on our game. Not 99%, 100% on our game and on what we need to do, and I thought it showed in our energy and conviction.

On the impressive build-up play…Kansas City is a good pressing team, they were going to try and close down time and space in the build-up, and they break lines and they keep pressure on our center backs, so we wanted to make sure we diversified our ways of playing out- wide, interior, behind the last line, and in behind the midfield. We switched the ball, we were vertically, we played combos, and we wanted to make sure we exposed the boys to a lot of different situations and getting a lot of high pressure and believing in themselves and moving for each other and showing courage to try and play out and if we lost the ball like we did several times we have a monster transition to get behind the ball and get it back and protect the goal. So we talked about this in the beginning of the season, and it has been a process to try and improve it, and we showed a lot of good and positive builds out of pressure. We need to keep working and continue to want to do better.

FC Dallas forward Zdenek Ondrasek

On what it means to the team to make the playoffs…It means a lot. We really wanted to win, especially for the fans. It wasn’t the best first half maybe, but I think it was because it was so hot. But we showed we can attack, we can score, we can defend, as long as we play as a team, we’re good.

On how the 6-0 win will help their confidence going into playoffs…I think it’ll help the whole team because lately we didn’t do as well as we wanted. So I think it’ll help the guys. Now rest, get some hard training to get ready and…playoffs.

On his recent goal-scoring run…I’m so happy the guys pass me the ball. Reggie [Cannon] always tells me to be there, be ready. I’m mad and he’s mad when I’m not there, so I’m happy I’m scoring goals.

FC Dallas forward Jesus Ferreira

Overall thoughts…Everybody’s happy. We knew we had to win this game no matter what We knew it was going to be a hard game, and we just took care of business.

On the biggest win of the season…One of our problems during season has been that we weren’t scoring that much. I’ve been saying it. We’ve been practicing. Our forwards are working hard to get those goals and goals make those wins. It’s showing us right now that it’s working. Our forwards are scoring, and we are helping the team win.

On being leading scorer of FC Dallas…I’m happy. The first two season here i didn’t get much playing time. Im showing what I’m able to do. The team believes in me and helped me become the top scorer.

On Cobra’s Importance for the team in the latter half of the season…He’s an unbelievable guy. He wasn’t playing much in the beginning but when he comes in he takes care of business. He doesn’t complain. He does what he does best and scores.

On what changed between the last loss and this giant win…We knew that couldn’t happen. We had to win no matter what to get to playoffs. Mentally we told ourselves that winning was a must.

FC Dallas midfielder Bryan Acosta

On achieving the goal set at the beginning of the year (Playoffs)…One step closer. We are one goal met from our goals at the beginning of the year, being in the playoffs. Next step is Seattle. There are our more games ahead of us, four more battles. I think that game against Seattle will be a difficult game, but we have to get the win no matter what.

FC Dallas midfielder Brandon Servania

On making playoffs…It’s huge. It’s one of the goals that we had coming in. Pushing for MLS Cup, trying to make history for this club. I think we were able to take the first step, and I think that’s huge for us, getting this win. A new season has started. Now we have to focus on playoffs and Seattle is first. If we’re able to focus and take care of these next few games, we could be champions soon but we have to take it one game at a time.

On the highest scoring win of the season…It helps with confidence. We can’t be overconfident though. We have to stay hungry and I think we will do that. Seattle is a great team. We played them recently, and hopefully we can go there and get a win.

On Cobra’s Importance to the latter half of the season… He’s definitely been huge. Great energy. Great presence up there. We rely on him a lot and he gets in the right places and he’s able to finish. I think that great and exactly what we need from him. Hopefully he can keep that up and bring it to the playoffs.