Checked into Quignón and he’s averaged 1668 minutes in 24 games which equates to almost 70 minutes per game. At 30 years old I feel like he should be able to play more. Just to verify in 2022 he played around 52 minutes per game and in 2021 he averaged around 75 minutes per game.

Diego Chara who’s 37 has played more games and averages around 90 minutes per game. Andre Cubas is 27 and averaging 75 minutes per game. Obinna Nwobodo is 26 and is almost averaging 87 minutes per game. Younger, older, and newer players to the league are playing more minutes per game.

I understand the need to consider Edwin leaving, injuries, and manager changes. I do see he’s played in almost every game but only starting around 80% of the time which will probably go down after the two new DMs we signed. Which is making me wonder if Quignon might be on his way out considering his salary is almost $900k.

Do you think there is better value in the league in the DM position? Do you think these two new DMs are potential replacements to move on Quignon?

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What’s the deal with Quignón and his minutes seemingly always being managed? I feel like he rarely starts and finishes a game and typically gets subbed around the 60th-70th minute. I mean if he’s 33+ I get he can’t go 90 minutes every game but I feel like for several seasons he’s been in and out and often subbed early. Not sure if he has some rare fitness issue like Martinez or this is just in my head.

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