FC Dallas vs Vancouver Whitecaps: Highlights, stats and quote sheet

All the facts from FC Dallas' latest loss.

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FC Dallas —
Maarten Paes; Sam Junqua (Bernard Kamungo – 63’), Nkosi Tafari, Sebastien Ibeagha (Eugene Ansah – 84’), Ema Twumasi (Herbert Endeley – 83’); Dante Sealy, Patrickson Delgado (Tsiki Ntsabeleng – 73’), Sebastian Lletget, Paul Arriola; Petar Musa, Jesús Ferreira.

Substitutes not used — Jimmy Maurer, Omar Gonzalez, Marco Farfan, Liam Fraser, Amet Korça.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC — Yahei Takaoka; Mathias Laborda, Ranko Veselinovic, Tristan Blackmon; Pedro Vite (Sebastian Berhalter – 60’), Andres Cubas, Alessandro Schöpf (Luís Martins – 60’), Ryan Gauld (Damir Kreilach – 83’); Ryan Raposo (Javian Brown – 84’), Brian White, Fafá Picault (Ali Ahmed – 73’).

Substitutes not used — Isaac Boehmer, Bjørn Utvik, Ralph Priso, Levonte Johnson. 

Scoring Summary: 
Mathias Laborda (Brian White) – 25’
VAN: Brian White (Fafá Picault) – 29’
DAL: Sebastian Lletget (Jesús Ferreira) – 40’
VAN: Fafá Picault (Ryan Raposo) – 42’

Misconduct Summary:
Ryan Gauld (caution) — 32’

Attendance: 19,096
Weather: Cloudy, 59ºF


Head Coach Nico Estévez

On the team’s mood in the locker room…
“We are very disappointed. We want to win. We have our stadium packed with our fans and we just want to win for them. This is why we work every single week. We work every single week to get a win for our fans. We put a lot of effort there. We had a bad moment last year during the season, and this year the bad moment is coming early in the season. We will regroup and get this right to give wins to our supporters.”

On the importance of fans sticking by the team…
“We have to give a lot of credit to what this club has done in the last two years, and now we have to support them because they need to feel that support and that love. Because, when things are not going in their way, the easy thing is to abandon them, to abandon the guys that are fighting every single day for what they want to achieve. Now is when we have to show the family that we are. We talk about how FC Dallas is a family, and when the family has a tough moment, that’s when it has to stick together. And this is the message we have to give. When you have a problem in your family, you stick together and you overcome that. And this is how we’re going to do it. It’s easy to blame, to blame players. It’s easy to blame the coach. It’s very easy. We can all blame someone. Pick on me if there’s someone that you have to blame. I’m the leader of this group, and we’re not doing well. But the players are going to step up. I know their mentality, I know how hungry they are, I know how much they love this club and the fans. And we are going to get there, I have no doubt.”

Midfielder Sebastian Lletget
On scoring his first goal of the year…
“Yeah it’s not one you want to celebrate, you just want to get back to the halfway line and just get the next one. But we conceded too early right after we scored and then it’s very tough to get back into the game. This is a tough one, not gonna lie. This one hurts because losing three in a row, with this team, we know we’re better than this.”

On conceding the first goal again…
“I’ve been in all sorts of games, but I think maybe it’s concentration. We’re a team that knows it’s good with the ball, we know what we want to do, we have a system and identity but we’re falling short defensively–as a whole. It’s not to blame anyone, it’s everyone.”

On the timing of the formation change…
“Yeah, there could be tactical issues. After the break we’ll regroup and really sit down and look at each other and speak to guys on the backline, the midfield, to see what way we want to go forward and stick with it and get comfortable with it. Because something has to change.”

Defender Nkosi Tafari 
On giving up goals to start the game…
“There's just a severe lack of intensity from the start, and then you're gonna punch first or get hit. And we keep getting punched first. It's hard to come back when you're down two goals, one goal or three goals. We haven't scored first in any game this season yet, so it's kind of hard to win with that kind of an outcome.”

On the match tonight…
“We just lacked intensity, like, we're out here to perform in big games. And I don't think we're approaching the game with that mindset. It's a do-or-die thing. In terms of showing up on the field, just be ready to eat the food on the plate; someone's gonna take it, and we're not taking it. It's that simple. Once you go down a goal, it doesn't really matter how good you are, like, we fall back, they didn't even enter. I don't even know if they had a shot in the second half. But what does that matter? It was 3-1 after the first half, so that's how the score ended.”

Goalkeeper Maarten Paes
On the team conceding goals early in games this season…
“We’re trying to get the solutions now. We need to analyze it quickly. I think that we concede the goal first all the time. We talked the whole preseason about lighting a fire. I think that the fire inside to prevent goals and chances needs to be lit a little bit more. We have two weeks to look into that and try to get some solutions.”

On the timing of the club’s upcoming bye week…
“I want to come back here tomorrow and solve things with the team as soon as possible. It’s also maybe good to get some days to think and change some headaches about yourself personally and the team as well, to come back strong.”

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