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MLS News and Opinion

News from around the league

Apple and Major League Soccer announce MLS Season Pass Launches February 1, 2023

The overall cost of this wasn’t as bad as some might have expected it to be.

Hot Streaks and Playoff Success in MLS

Do teams that enter the MLS playoffs in good form do better in the postseason?

How FC Dallas can host 2023 Leagues Cup matches

Prepare for some summer fun next year as MLS and Liga MX really ramp up their competition with one another.

Apple and MLS announce major TV deal beginning in 2023

Apple will stream every single MLS game for the next 10 years.

MLS Announces 2022 Schedule Format & Conference Alignment

Expect an even tighter schedule next season with thing wrapping up earlier than before due to the World Cup.

MLS to Implement Concussion Substitutes Initiative

That could end up being a lot of subs in a game.

MLS players ratify new Collective Bargaining Agreement

The start of the new season could be pushed back but at least we’re getting a new season.

MLS extends ‘force majeure’ deadline one week, lockout still possible

While the deadline getting extended is positive, the possibility of a lockout is definitely not.

MLS Announces 2020 MLS Cup Playoffs Schedule

The break between Sunday and the first game of the playoffs should be good to get everyone well rested.

MLS ignores geography by placing Nashville in Western Conference

Ignoring actual geography, FC Dallas will see a new expansion side more in 2020.

MLS announces offseason roster mechanisms

The old Re-Entry Draft is now...a Process.

FC Dallas is exempt from the 2019 MLS Expansion Draft

Thanks to FC Cincinnati selecting Roland Lamah last year, FC Dallas won’t lose a player this year.

MLS Weekend: Who FC Dallas fans needs to root for in the Rivalry Week

It is rivalry week but there are a lot of important games that FCD fans will need to keep an eye on.

Why Oklahoma City should be in the mix for an MLS Expansion slot

We know MLS is going to 30 teams, so why not OKC?

Young Player Growth, MLS Team Growth, and Other Machine Learning Nuggets

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of players growing and blossoming into key players for their teams in the past few seasons.

2019 MLS Wish List

We’e only half-serious about some of these.

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By The Numbers: Distance Traveled by All MLS Teams

Hope the players have all opened accounts to accumulate those miles!

Five Questions that Week 11 will answer in MLS

Who will win the Cascadia Cup?

Five Questions that Week 10 will answer in MLS

Is New York red or blue?

Five Questions that Week 9 will answer in MLS

Can Dallas hold onto their undefeated streak?

Five Questions that Week 8 will answer in MLS

Can Dallas and New York City remain undefeated?

Five Questions that Week 6 will answer in MLS

Who is this Zartan guy?

Five Questions that Week 4 will answer in MLS

What is an "El Trafico" anyway?

Five Questions that Week 4 will answer in MLS

Zlatan is good and all, but have you ever heard of Maximiliano Urruti?

Five Questions that Week 3 will answer in MLS

After a long break from soccer, FC Dallas is back again this Sunday against the Seattle Sounders.

Five Questions that Week 2 will answer in MLS

With the off week, Dallas can sit back and relax.

Hazzard: Five Questions that Week 1 will answer in MLS

Injuries, debuts, and more. What are we all asking ahead of week 1?

2018 MLS Eastern Conference Preview

Will Toronto reclaim their spot atop the East?

2018 MLS Western Conference Preview

Who will be the kings of the West?

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Top Ten: Best moves of the MLS offseason

2017 MLS Offseason schedule information released

Drafts upon draft upon drafts.

MLS Roundup: Playoff Roulette

San Jose and Portland come out on top.


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