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FCD Stock Report

Stock Report: Preseason Edition

Preseason training begins this week, so it's time to see who comes in trending up!

FCD Stock Report: New Year's Edition

Who is up and who is down as FC Dallas goes into the new year.

FCD Stock Report: Season Finale Edition

Who should FCD invest in? Who should the Hoops sell their remaining shares in before for the off-season?

FC Dallas Stock Report: More Watson Love

Is an economic storm about to be bring the FC Dallas stocks back to trading at high values?

FCD Stock Report: Youth Trending Up

The FC Dallas Stock Exchange hits record lows for the first time in 2013.

FCD Stock Report: Trending Down

Win-less for a long time can only mean the arrows are not happy.

FC Dallas Stock Report: Man of Steel

Time to check in on the arrows after the a cup win and a league loss....

FCD Stock Report: Is anybody going down?

In avoiding the traps, FCD showed us that they might be for real

FC Dallas Stock Report: Upward Trend

When you sit on top of the league....the arrows are usually pointing in an upward direction

Stock Report: Wingers trending up!

Jackson and Castillo have to be the most annoying players to play against and that is a compliment.

FC Dallas Stock Report - March 14

Ferreira is playing like a stud again, and I am impressed with a front office member....?

FC Dallas Stock Report- Who is up & down after PDX

Being harsh on one of the fan favorites....?

FCD Stock Report - 2/10 Who's Up & Who's Down?

FC Dallas making major improvements....all over!

FCD Stock Report - Shea on the Rise

Shea trending........up?

FC Dallas Stock Report: Defense Trending Up

Clavijo looks like a smart man now and Seitz has major competition

NEW FEATURE! - FCD Stock Exchange

A brand new feature from the newest member of the BDS writing team, looking at which players' stock has risen and fallen over the least few weeks