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Report: FC Dallas linked to Ecuadorian center back Joshue Quiñones

FC Dallas might need another international roster spot to make this move happen.

It's been rather quiet on the transfer rumor front for quite some time. With several FC Dallas roster spots open, it was only a matter of time before more transfer rumors started trickling in as the new season begins on Saturday evening against Toronto FC.

Ecuadorian center back Joshue Quiñones is said to have received an offer from FC Dallas.

The 20-year old plays for Barcelona SC (Ecuador top flight). In his first season, Joshue played in 10 matches across all competitions, with the bulk of those matches coming in the second half of the season.

He is described as very fast, aggressive, and quite versatile.

Since I began writing this, further details have risen.

The report says it's a one-year loan, with a buy clause. The buy clause has a performance-based trigger (things we’ve seen before, most recently with Andres Ricaurte), that would force a buy if certain requirements are achieved.

But there is more that has to happen for this deal to go through within MLS as well.

On the outside, this looks like a player who could be signed to FC Dallas reserve team North Texas SC (MLS Next Pro, USA Division 3), but a closer look says otherwise. Joshue, despite his young age, has been capped by the Ecuador Men's National Team. He is also valued at $550,000 on Transfermarkt, which is at least three times higher than the average MLS Next Pro player.

If signed to North Texas SC, he would instantly become the highest market value player in the entire league, by over $200,000.

So this is clearly looking like a senior roster signing.

What do you think? Is Quiñones being signed for the senior roster? Should FC Dallas be spending an International Roster spot on a player like this? Let us know your opinion!