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Rumor: FC Dallas in talks with Colombian midfielder

FC Dallas continues to be linked to midfielders, just ahead of the summer transfer window.

The Summer Transfer window is just days away and FC Dallas finds itself linked to yet another player. They are said to be in advanced conversations with Deportivo Independiente Medellin (or simply DIM) for the services of midfielder Andres Ricaurte.

While you can consider us skeptical that FC Dallas is looking to add another player to a crowded midfield, it is very interesting to note that there are two local sources reporting this rumor.

In Colombia it is widely known that DIM is looking to move last season’s captain and Ricaurte has been linked to teams in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, and multiple Colombian teams. However, this is the first report linking him to a team from MLS. According to, Ricaurte’s price tag may be a bit steep at $2.2 million.

Still, it is worth reporting the rumor, as it is getting a lot of attention from the DIM fans...and not in a positive way.

The 28-year old captain for DIM, played in 13 matches across all competitions (including six matches in Copa Libertadores). He scored three goals and added in three assists along the way too. Ricaurte is the #10 for DIM and is considered a very good two-way player, which is a must in Luchi Gonzalez’s system.

Credit goes out to @FCDallasFR1, who brought this rumor to my attention!

What do you make of this rumor? Are the Hunts really going to splash some cash for another midfielder? Is this the kind of addition that excites you? Let us know your thoughts!

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