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Transfer Rumor: La U is ready to buy Pablo Aranguiz

Pablo Aranguiz is the talk of Chile as a permanent move.

Chile U23 v Argentina U23 - CONMEBOL Preolimpico Colombia 2020 Photo by Julian Medina/Vizzor Image/Getty Images

Even though the Major League Soccer and FC Dallas are on a break right now due to the coronavirus, it isn’t stopping the transfer mill from spinning up down in South America.

Pablo Aranguiz has been having quite the season with Universidad de Chile this season. While he was not in action this past weekend, there has in fact been a lot of action surrounding him. The technical director of Universidad De Chile has gone on record to say that La U is working on buying Aranguiz.

Further news have surfaced that Atletico Mineiro (Brazilian top flight) have made signing Aranguiz a priority. Technical Director Jorge Sampaoli has set his sights on acquiring Aranguiz during the summer transfer window. This transfer will only be possible if La U were to buy Aranguiz (for $1.5 million) from FC Dallas before the summer transfer window. Something that La U now appears to be serious about doing.

It should be pointed out that Sampaoli is the former technical director for La U.

This has become big news around Chile and has begun to be openly discussed on the Chilean sports channels:

There remains the potential fallout from fans of La U, who have been urging their team to buy Aranguiz from FC Dallas. Now the fans will see their team finally make a serious effort to buy him, only to see La U potentially turn around and sell their favorite player.

Finally...Happy Birthday Pablo!