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Report: FC Dallas signs Jader Obrian

The Colombian midfielder’s club has announced the move has been made.

A rumor we’ve been tracking on this one here for a few days now appears to be getting closer to crossing the finish line here.

Aguilas Doradas has announced the transfer of Jader Obrian to FC Dallas:

The Colombian midfielder will land in Dallas, possibly on a TAM-like deal according to this tweet. FC Dallas will pay roughly $700k for Obrian in the move, though that could go down even more given the club’s amount of allocation money available after the transfers this year.

Obrian had a solid year in Columbia in 2020, finishing the regular season with six goals in his final six matches. He then scored two goals and one assist in three Liguilla (Playoffs) matches.

FC Dallas has a couple of open international slots on their roster right now after making their end-of-year roster moves earlier this month. Obrain will occupy one of those open international slots.

What do you make of this deal? Happy to see another young South American come up here?