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Rumor: Abel Aguilar linked to FC Dallas

Cafetero to FC Dallas?

France v Colombia - International Friendly Photo by Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

Reports out of Colombia have international journeyman and Colombia National Team player Abel Aguilar joining FC Dallas before the MLS roster freeze.

Aguilar is a central defensive midfielder with stints across multiple clubs in the top flights of Italy, Spain, France, and Portugal. He returned to his home country in the summer of 2016 and is out of contract (thus negating MLS’s transfer window constraints). He started for los Cafeteros in the 3-0 victory against Poland in the World Cup this summer and would seem to be almost a luxury addition to FCD’s central midfield given the fact he would take up an international slot.

This begs the question if another player might be headed out. The transfer window is still open in several European and South American leagues as well as Mexico, so it’s entirely possible we’ll see another player depart to trigger this move.

You’ve got to love MLS’s weird transfer window. Do we have any cross over Toulouse fans who are craving this move? Let us know what you think.