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Rumor: Chivas Interested in Jesse Gonzalez

Despite their Mexico only policy, Chivas is said to be interested in the FC Dallas Homegrown.

MLS: FC Dallas at Toronto FC Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a rumor that has been around since the end of the Liga MX Clausura. Following the dazzling display yesterday against Toronto FC by Jesse Gonzalez, the rumor of Chivas interest has gained steam:

Chivas de Guadalajara just lost Rodolfo Coto, their starter of three years. It is said that Chivas has little confidence in their two goalkeepers currently on their roster. Jesse Gonzalez is one of two goalkeepers that continue to be linked with Chivas, and the rumor refuses to go away.

The biggest problem with this rumor, is that Chivas has a Mexico only policy. Chivas will only sign Mexicans, who represent the Mexican National Team, a strict policy that has never been broken. Jesse Gonzalez has declared for the USA, following a one-time switch, that can’t be reversed. That alone, should have killed this rumor from the start, but that has not been the case at all.

The reason that this rumor refuses to go away, is two fold. For one, there has long been a rumor that Chivas would be making an amendment to their Mexico only policy. That rumor has been around for years, and it claims that Chivas would amend their policy to allow Mexican players that had declared for other nations, so long as those players refused all call-ups while they are under contract with Chivas.

The second reason that the Jesse Gonzalez rumor refuses to die, is that Chivas has a long laundry list of reinforcements it wishes to sign, and a very limited budget to work with. This means that Chivas will have to be clever with how they use their limited funds, and Jesse is seen as an affordable option at goalkeeper.

So what do you think? Is this rumor just nonsense? Would FC Dallas actually sell Jesse?