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Rumor: FC Dallas linked with Jose Fajardo Nelson

Panamanian striker is linked with move to MLS.

The summer funny season is fast approaching, and FC Dallas finds itself linked with a transfer rumor already:

This rumor was reported early this morning, by Panamanian sports journalist Jose Angel Rodriguez. Since then, the rumor has gained steam, mainly due to this:

The article doesn’t actually name FC Dallas as a destination, but it does verify that Fajardo is acquiring a US Visa.

This afternoon, we got a little more of a clarification:

So now we know that there is some interest from FCD, but no real offer.

Jose Fajardo Nelson is a 5’11, 24 year old striker, who plays for Panamanian champions Independiente FC (actual name Club Atletico Independiente de la Chorrera, also called CAI Panama). Jose Fajardo is a member of the Panamanian National team, and is currently trying to make the 23-man World Cup roster.

Fajardo had a breakout season, in leading his just promoted side, to the Clausura Title. Fajardo only had four goals in the 18 matches played during the Apertura (Fall Season), but then finished with 13 goals during the Clausura (Spring Season), and a further two goals during the Clausura playoffs. This, was one of those goals:

That’s a total of 19 goals over a total of 35 games played. Nobody else on his team scored more than four goals during that same span of time, so Fajardo was clearly their only real threat.

While some fans will not be the least bit excited about FCDs interest in this player, allow me to remind you that FCD is rumored to be adding a USL team next season. One of the benefits of adding a USL team, is that FC Dallas will have the luxury of adding little known players like Fajardo, to either teams roster. Also, allow me to remind you, that some of the best scorers in FCDs history, were Panamanian players.

Here’s an excellent feature (in spanish) on Jose Fajardo:

So what do you think? Like the idea of adding another Panamanian player to the roster?