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Mosquera Watch: Timetable and when the Colombian could arrive in Dallas

The rumor mill continues to heat up on this one.

Santa Fe v Millonarios - Final Liga Aguila II 2017 Photo by Gabriel Aponte/Getty Images

The chase is on for FC Dallas as they continue to work on signing Colombian attacker Santiago Mosquera from Millonarios.

On Tuesday, FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo downplayed the potential acquisition on

“We’ve been linked to a lot of teams lately,” Fernando Clavijo said. “Some of them have some merit, some of them don’t. He’s one of the players of interest. We haven’t reached anything with the player. Is it someone that we’ve scouted? Of course. Hopefully, we can come to some kind of terms. We’re just working on it. We have been back and forth talking. That’s it.”

But shortly after that report came out, a slew of tweets hit the web telling a different story. Mosquera was not seen with Millonarios over the last couple of days and as this first tweet shows, he has already left the team.

The move appears imminent down south. You don’t move out of an apartment for nothing either.

But the bigger news in all of this could come down to the cost. Previously, it was reported that FCD was going to spend upwards of $4 million to secure his transfer into MLS. Now it looks like that number is lowering a good bit.

Either way, if Mosquera lands with FCD he will likely take up the open Designated Player slot on the roster that was just freed with the loan of Anibal Chala. Having him as a Young DP would help the club in terms of the salary cap as he would only cost the team $200k against it.

So far the move seems like it is a go too. Fans in Colombia that are less than thrilled with this news too which adds a little more fuel to the fire that it is happening. Even with Clavijo’s downplay of the talks, there is still plenty of time for this to happen.

It is important to note that the league’s transfer window for this period actually opens up today and runs through the first of May, while Colombia’s transfer window for this period closes on Friday. So the clock is ticking in that regards.

EDIT: Here are some more details on this deal with another tweet: