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Rumor: FC Dallas signs Czech striker Zdenek Ondrasek

FC Dallas continues to add European talent to its roster.

This has undoubtedly been one of the most hectic funny seasons in a long long time. This latest rumor comes to us from Poland:

“The Cobra” Zdenek Ondrasek, is a 6 foot tall, 29-year old center forward, who is a former Czechoslovakia U21. The Cobra, is currently the second leading scorer in the Ekstraklasa (Poland Top Flight), leading 5th place Wisla Krakow with 11 goals (two assists) in 19 matches played. This is a player who is having a banner year, and would normally not be available on the transfer window.

Ondrasek is a fan favorite for Wisla Krakow, but the team is fighting financial ruin, and is being forced to have a “fire sale”. Some players went up to seven months without pay, and the team lost its manager. It is really a very oportunistik signing by FC Dallas, as Odranesk is listed in a value range of around 200k at

Here is a quote from Ondrasek, after he was asked about not receiving a paycheck for four months:

“I went four months without pay, and by that time, 90% of ESA (Poland top flight) players would tank their performance. Me, I’m going to go out and score two goals today.”

What do you make of “The Cobra”? Will he help FC Dallas in it’s biggest area of need? Is Odanesk just another “Clavijo Special”? Tell us your thoughts.