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Rumor: FC Dallas close to signing Bryan Acosta

We discuss one of the biggest rumors, on a very busy FC Dallas day.

It has been a very busy day for FC Dallas, with several rumors floating around, and the Expansion Draft having taken place. The funny season isn’t just in full force, it’s a full blown hurricane, that appears to be gaining strength by the day.

One of those big rumors involves possibly the best player on the Honduras National Team:

Fans have a right to be excited about this potential signing, as Bryan Acosta is a true Box-To-Box Midfielder, a position that FC Dallas sorely lacked, following Kellyn Acosta’s departure. Bryan Acosta is 25-years old, 5 feet 8.5 inches tall, and currently plays for Spanish second division side Tenerife, where he has started 13 matches, and come on as a sub twice this season. Bryan Acosta is a member of the Honduras National Team, and has 38 appearances since 2014.

With Acosta being a member of the Honduras NT, it is no surprise, that another Honduras NT member is credited with pointing him in the direction of FC Dallas:

That would be Maynor Figueroa, who is said to have recommended FC Dallas to Bryan Acosta.

Now that we have discussed the rumor, allow me to throw some water on the fire of excitement that many of you are feeling at the moment. It is well known that Bryan Acosta has aspirations of playing in La Liga (Spanish top flight), and for that reason, this is a troubling rumor:

Espanyol is currently the 10th place team on La Liga’s Table. Acosta’s current club, Tenerife, has financial needs, and has made it known that they are willing to sell Acosta in this upcoming transfer window. This means that the club is likely to sell Acosta to the highest bidder, and not necessarily his destination of choice.

Are you excited at the possible acquisition of Acosta? Are you skeptical about FC Dallas outbidding a Spanish side? Tell us what you think.