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Anibal Chala’s time with FC Dallas comes to an end

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The era was short lived to say the least.

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For those few left out there that were hoping to see left back Anibal Chala in a FC Dallas uniform in 2019, that dream is now dead in the water.’s Sam Stejskal spoke with FC Dallas president Dan Hunt on Thursday to confirm that the young Ecuadoran would not return to Frisco in 2019.

FC Dallas’ Carter Baum also weighed in that Chala hit a performance threshold that allowed the transfer to kick in for the club.

There is no official word from the team as of this writing that state that Chala has been officially sold to LDU Quito but I would imagine that news will hit at some point this month once the two sides work out the final details of the transfer.

Chala came in before the 2017 season as a Designated Player and spent basically a month with the team before picking up an injury and later on being sent on loan to Quito. He played in one preseason game with FC Dallas before the move and has never been back since.

Will Chala go down as one of the biggest DP busts in MLS history? Maybe. Or maybe one way to look at it will be that he became the biggest waste of a DP slot in MLS history. Either way you spin it, isn’t a good look for FC Dallas, that is unless they get a healthy transfer fee in return for him.