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Report: Junior FC looking into Michael Barrios

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The silly season brings new rumors for Michael Barrios

SOCCER: SEP 10 MLS - FC Dallas at Atlanta United FC Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Rumors surrounding Michael Barrios haven’t swirled since this past summer’s fiasco with San Lorenzo.

Things have suddenly picked up, mainly due to this:

Junior FC (Colombia 1st Division) has verified their interest in Michael Barrios, following failed negotiations with top choice reinforcement Vladimir Hernandez.

Since Junior FC announced their “Plan B” choice, in the form of Michael Barrios, there has been an outpouring of support from Junior FC fans for the team to attempt the acquisition.

The rumor picked up steam today:

Indicating that once negotiations for the arrival (transfer) of Jonathan Alvez are concluded, Junior FC would then shift their focus to Michael Barrios, as their final reinforcement.

While many fans are likely to dismiss this rumor as making little to no sense for FC Dallas. Allow me to remind you of an interview with Barrios, less than a month ago:

Barrios was quoted as saying he viewed FC Dallas as a springboard to greater heights, and that he expected that there would be more offers for his services this transfer window.

While there is no verification of any contact between Junior FC and FC Dallas, that could change as soon as their transfer negotiations for Jonathan Alvez conclude. As for what kind of offer FC Dallas could possibly receive, it should be noted that FCD was said to have rejected a $2.5 million dollar offer from San Lorenzo this past summer.

It also needs to be pointed out that the failed negotiations between Junior FC and Vladimir Hernandez, were for a loan. So we could surmise that any offer from Junior FC, is likely to be in the form of a Loan with a buy option, such as the one that FC Dallas accepted for Anibal Chala.

What do you think? Will FC Dallas sell Michael Barrios this transfer window?