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Rumor: Interest in Kellyn Acosta is picking up

A couple teams begin to emerge as front-runners for FCD’s prized Homegrown.

Soccer: 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup -USA  at Jamaica Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The summer transfer window closes for Major League Soccer teams closes next Wednesday, August 9. Which means we may need to hold on tight as the rumors for players like Kellyn Acosta and Walker Zimmerman could begin to pick up some serious steam.

Today, the talk on FC Dallas’ prized Homegrown is starting to take shape as teams from overseas begin to show interest in him.

Obviously there are a lot of things that could change here before anything happens to Acosta. The club could sell him this summer but retain him for the rest of the season (similar to what Seattle is doing with Joevin Jones). Or they could transfer him and be completely done with him this month.

The bigger thing in my mind isn’t necessarily the ‘when’ of this whole thing with Acosta. Given how things went last summer with Fabian Castillo, we know that anything can happen at the drop of a hat when it comes to transfers.

For me, it comes down to price.

Where FC Dallas - and to a lesser extent MLS - value Acosta is going to be the real story in any transfer for him. If I were willing to bet, I would imagine the club would hope to get at least $3-5 million for him right now. That would put his deal right in line with how much they received for Brek Shea a few years back, and in a similar ballpark to Castillo.

Selling Acosta is also going to prove more valuable to the club going forward as well since MLS teams can retain more of the transfer fee for Homegrown players than they do everyone else (clubs receive three-fourths of the fee with HGPs as opposed to the standard two-thirds).

A lot is and can still happen with this one, so buckle up folks, the next week could be rather interesting.