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Report: FC Dallas looking to add Kenyan winger Clifton Miheso

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Dan Hunt hinted at looking into new markets for the club.

The transfer silly season is upon us here as we get closer to the January window. FC Dallas talk has been quiet up until last night when this item hit the Twittersphere:

Yesterday during a Facebook Live chat, FC Dallas president Dan Hunt claimed that the team was looking into new markets this offseason for new talent. Kenya would certainly check that item off as a new place to scout. FC Dallas has never spent a lot of time scouting in Africa in the past, but there have been some gems found in Africa before.

Miheso fits some of the items needed in this offseason. He’s young (24-years old), versatile (can play left wing or even at times left back), and he’ll likely come in very cheap. He’s also a Kenyan national team member too, though they did not make it to the final group stage of African World Cup qualifying for 2018.

He also has a pretty interesting back story as well. Earlier in the year he claimed he was held at gunpoint as his contract was being terminated by a club.

So take all this with a grain of salt. We all know how rumors can pop up and go away all within a day. But this one does seems to have at least some legs to it. We’ll keep you all updated on any progress made with this one.

UPDATE: It appears this one got out before it should have and is likely not going to happen. It is the silly season after all folks.