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Report: Red Star Belgrade joins the hunt for Maxi Urruti

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Having recently advanced in the Euro League, the club has Urruti on it’s wish list.

It isn’t just one transfer rumor today for FC Dallas forward Maxi Urruti, but two. Earlier we reported the interest being shown by America De Cali, and now we bring you the second team showing interest in the Argentinian striker.

The rumor of European interest, first surfaced a couple of days ago:

In the past day or so, Baltic media has been all over Red Star Belgrade’s interest in Maxi Urruti.

The news are in Serbian, so you’ll need a good translator tool. The rumor is that Red Star Belgrade is expected to sell star forward Richmond Boaćija, who has 22 goals and three assists in 27 matches played across all competitions (8 goals/3 assists in Europa League), since arriving on a free transfer during the summer.

Urruti is said to be one of four players that are on Red Star Belgrade’s radar, and if the sale of Boaćija goes through (10 million Euros is the rumor), money will not be an issue.

Also, this is one of several Balkan Urruti highlights videos to show up on YouTube:

This video alone, has already garnered over 15,000 views, and a lengthy comments section. The news articles, also have several comments worth checking out.

What do you think? Will more teams begin to show interest in Urruti? Will Urruti be moved this winter? Where would you rather see Urruti go, South America or Europe?