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Rumor: Is Cristian Colmán coming to MLS?

Paraguayan '9' to FC Dallas?


With the completed sale of Fabian Castillo, FC Dallas now finds itself with some extra cash and an extra Designated Player slot. There has been talk for some time about adding a target striker who could hold up play and add some scoring punch to Dallas's front line. In the last few hours, there's been buzz around a Paraguayan striker named Cristian Colmán who, according to one outlet in Brazil, has been in an 'open negotiation' with an American club for some time. If this is to be believed, Gremio is the contingency plan if the negotiation with the American club were to fall through (Portuguese).

We've fully entered the silly season, but there may be some fire behind the smoke of Colmán to MLS (and quite possibly, FC Dallas). Specific to FC Dallas, he fits the profile of past South American stalwarts like Mauro Diaz, Fabian Castillo, and Michael Barrios. Here's some interesting tidbits that lend credence to the rumors of Colmán possibly landing in Dallas.

1. He's young. Colman turns 23 in February.

2. Up-and-coming South American. Although he's probably more established than the aforementioned trio before they came to Big D, he's still in the 'affordable tier' of that export market. Last year, he scored 11 goals in 31 games for Nacional of Paraguay.

3. He fits the profile of the '9' the club is looking for. Good size, decent speed, honest effort, and clinical scoring- in essence, what the club's been craving without the expense and risk of a huge name. Here's some highlights (enjoy the Gypsy Kings):

As always, it’s YouTube, so take it with a grain of salt as far as quality goes. Colmán has produced though and definitely looks the part. It appears that the club will need to pay a modest (around $1 million) transfer fee for his services, but given the return on investment of one Carlos Gruezo, that may seem like peanuts- especially after the Castillo sale. Opinion from the masses? Light it up, folks. At the very least, it’s an interesting rumor to monitor. If we’re beating Gremio for his signature, that can’t be the worst thing, right?