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Rumor: Felipe Flores set to join FC Dallas?

The Chilean attacker could be coming next season.

Photo via Jorge A. Rodríguez

Despite the transfer window being closed and the Major League Soccer rosters been frozen until the end of the season, it doesn’t mean transfer rumors go away. Today, FC Dallas is being linked with Chilean forward Felipe Flores.

This report has Flores coming to Dallas on a two-year deal worth somewhere in the $420k range. In some ways that is a Designated Player but it could be a guy that FCD uses Targeted Allocation Money on for next season. I wouldn’t expect him to be a DP but you never really know how those things work out.

The 29-year old most recently played for Tijuana in Mexico. He’s bounced around over the years from Mexico and teams in Chile. He’s been unattached for most of 2016 however and given the roster freeze in MLS, we won’t see him play until early next year.

Signing a guy that hasn’t played a lot in a year is never a great thing in my mind. It reminds me a bit of how the club landed Carlos Lizarazo, a player that showed flashes but hasn’t really panned out this season.

Here is a little highlight reel that Tijuana put together when they signed him:

What do you make of this rumor? Feel like Flores could be a good scorer for this team?