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Quick Burns: Discussing the Bastian Schweinsteiger rumor

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Would it make sense for FC Dallas to land another German?

Germany v Finland - International Friendly Photo by Alexander Scheuber/Bongarts/Getty Images

Over the weekend the rumor mill began spitting out new FC Dallas related rumors despite the league’s rosters being frozen until after MLS Cup. reported over the weekend that FC Dallas is showing interest in German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger. FCD president Dan Hunt was quoted saying they had interest in the Manchester United midfielder.

But does he make sense for the club? Our staff discusses where he would fit and what they think of the latest rumor.

Nathan Hill - Yes but only if he can fit in our midfield

Yes. Of course, it creates problems in our formation. If you keep a shape similar to what FC Dallas already employs, your instinct is to think Acosta or Gruezo either get sold or pushed to the bench. But I don’t think that has to happen. You can get creative with three incredible central midfielders plying their destructive trade in the middle of the pitch. For example:

Prepare for the decimation of the league
FC Dallas Destruction

Diaz and Barrios can still float around and keep things stretched. Acosta is capable of pitching in as well. The three core midfielders can trade off defensive, possession, and attacking duties. You still have Victor Ulloa as a backup too. As a bonus, if Diaz needs a rest, you could easily toss in Ryan Hollingshead or Tesho Akindele to stretch the field as well. In a way, Schweinsteiger solves the problem of needing a wide player, used in a formation like this.

(BTW, this is a pretty decent formation in Football Manager too.)

Ryan Desu - Good on the field and off

I feel he would not make sense for the club from a on-the-field perspective, but the fans would absolutely go crazy for the former German captain.

It’s hard to put a finger on who Bastian would replace in our starting line up. Gruezo and Acosta are both solid DMs. Both of whom are young and are still developing as they play. They're not finished products by any means. Schweinsteiger outclasses both easily and by miles. But does this opportunity outweigh say signing a proven striker that can provide us with consistent goal scoring? Or outweigh the need for a Castillo replacement in case the other $2 mil is thrown our way? I don't think so. Say no to Bastian this winter FCD.

Off field though, this signing could possibly work wonders. Bastian would be a gift from the marketing Gods themselves. Not only would be immediately bring fans to the stadium, and tons of hype around the city for the team that has been an after thought for so long, but if we have him just spend a year around the facility and around the youth teams it would create even more buzz in an academy system widely recognized as one of the best. This prospect is too exciting, but as someone who loves seeing young talent as opposed to old Europeans I still have to say no to Schweini.

Edin Halilovic - He’d be an excellent addition

It’s just a silly rumor for the time being, but a fun one to think about and discuss anyways. Schweinsteiger’s days as a player at the elite level are numbered down if not over but, as we’ve seen with Frank Lampard for example, there is no reason as to why Bastian couldn’t be a standout player in MLS provided he managed to stay healthy upon arriving here. From a qualitative and marketable standpoint in terms of what he’d bring to the team and what he’d mean to the continually developing FCD fanbase that’s crying out for a marquee signing, he’d be an excellent addition.

Now, as to where he’d fit in the team, there are a couple of options. One could be reverting the formation to a 4-4-2 diamond with Bastian, Gruezo, Acosta, and Diaz creating that diamond shaped central midfield while Urruti could be partnered up by either Barrios, Akindele, a new striker, or even Castillo should he return in January (although that would render bringing in the German to be unlikely). If the plan were to be to keep the 4-2-3-1 formation intact and slot Basti into it, then perhaps he could come into central midfield but probably only in the event that one of Gruezo and Acosta leaves during the off-season, which could be a possibility given the year that they’ve had and could get offers abroad in the winter transfer window. He could also get the occasional game as a #10 whenever Diaz is missing as he has played in that position before.

Financially, whatever the FO would fork out to bring him in could probably be regained in a short space of time given Schweinsteiger’s marketability which could see plenty of income raked in for the club via shirt sales and other products with the player’s name on them. The biggest issue though would be to try and find room for him as he would come in as a DP and it wouldn’t allow the club the opportunity to bring in a quality forward, which Dan Hunt hinted that the plan is to do exactly that, unless another DP in Gruezo or Diaz was to leave which would be a major loss for the team.

There’s a few interesting possible combinations as to how a deal for Bastian could be worked out and with all the rumors going on about FCD going for a striker as well, the off-season will be one to track throughout, regardless of how the 2016 season ends up. For now it’s just a nice little rumor, but in a few months time, it could become much more than that.

Jason Poon - Hard Pass

Let’s just start by pointing out that the article simply states that Dan Hunt thinks highly of of Bastian Schweinsteiger, and that’s it. This is click bait and there’s nothing more to it. Onto the next silly rumor where the next reporter asks what Dan Hunt thinks of Lionel Messi.

Mohammad Bushnaq - Gruezo fits us better

Pass. I love Bastian, but we've got a solid group at defensive midfield with Gruezo, Acosta, and Ulloa. If you want to get a big name German, why not spend the money to snag a Mario Gomez or Lukas Podolski? Jason is right though (for once) that this is the definition of a silly rumor and the FO knows it is a solid #9 away from possibly fielding one of the most potent teams in MLS history.