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Report: FC Dallas linked with Juan Esteban Ortiz

Silly season is here folks!

via NuevoEstadio

While the transfer window for Major League Soccer teams has yet to open officially, rumors are starting to pile up again now that we're in January.

The latest centers around midfielder Juan Esteban Ortiz. Multiple reports suggest he has signed with FC Dallas but we have yet to see anything official on that.

The 28-year old Colombian midfielder looks to be one of those pieces that could be a good depth addition for this season as the team has to deal with a more loaded schedule in 2016. He is listed as a central or defensive midfielder, likely a possible replacement to Ezequiel Cirigliano.

The big question will be whether or not he comes in on a free transfer or if the club is going to have to pay a fee for him.

For those curious, here is a little highlight reel of the guy.