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Rumor: FC Dallas linked to midfielder Carlos Gruezo

Reports are saying FCD is after the Ecuadorian.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Another rumor! When was the last offseason so many rumors were flying around about players coming/going for FC Dallas? This may be the offseason with the most rumors ever.

Anyways, reports from Germany are saying Carlos Gruezo, a 20-year-old center midfielder from Ecuador who currently plays for Bundesliga side VfB Struttgart, is in advanced negotiations with FCD. Wow, another South American linked to FCD. "Shocking," said no one unless it was sarcastically.

Gruezo joined Struttgart in 2014 and has only appeared 18 times. However, he did make Ecuador's 2014 World Cup squad and has played 10 times for the senior team at just 20 years of age. That's impressive.

Here is a highlight reel of Gruezo made by a fan:

And here is a video with pictures of Gruezo and weird music we found while searching for his highlights and thought it would amuse you:

Fernando Clavijo was in Quito, Ecuador, earlier in December. So, maybe there is something to this. Maybe Gruezo was in Ecuador at the time as well and the two talked. Or maybe Clavijo was just scouting a game. What do you think? Would Gruezo be a good acquisition?