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Could Samuel Eto'o land with FC Dallas?

Oh silly season, go home.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

We know the transfer season or silly season can be wild. Just based on how things appear to be going with rumors about Fabian Castillo and Mauro Diaz, the silliness won't go away anytime soon. Now it appears that FC Dallas could be after a pretty big fish in the form of Samuel Eto'o.

Grain of salt people, grain of salt.

While Eto'o would be pretty darn cool in MLS and for FC Dallas, he would garner a pretty big salary. Not to mention the fact that he is currently on a two and a half year deal with Serie A side Sampdoria.

The Cameroon national team player has played for the likes of Barcelona, Chelsea, Everton and Inter Milan over the years and has been rumored with a MLS move several times during the years as well. At 34-years old, he would another big name to come to MLS late in his career, though I would argue he may be one that would go for the paycheck more than really help a team out like a Thierry Henry did in New York or a Kaka in Orlando.

What do you think? Is he even worth the potential three or four million that he will likely cost?