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Is Michael Barrios the player FC Dallas will sign this week?

Some tea leaves are starting to explain themselves here.

You have to love some diligent Twitter folks. Earlier in our Daily Links thread, one trusty commenter found a tweet that suggest that the player FC Dallas could be announcing this week (or tomorrow if you believe the tweet below) is attacker Michael Barrios from Colombian side Uniautonoma FC.

The 23-year old Colombian seems to fit the bill that Oscar Pareja and company have been looking for this offseason. Barrios can play as a second striker or more importantly as a right winger. FC Dallas has been looking hard at filling the void left by Andres Escobar this offseason this seems to be a player that could do just that.

Just based on some clips, Barrios has good speed and skill on the ball. Basically this looks like a guy that could be another speed threat on the outside for the club, similar to what Escobar brought but maybe with a little more skill.

This is certainly a rumor at the moment but my gut tells me this could be the guy that was being hinted at yesterday in training.