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Rumor: Has FC Dallas made an offer to Michael Essien?

Rumors from Italy suggest that FCD has made a bid for Ghanian midfielder

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

Let the silly season truly begin for FC Dallas.

Rumors from across the pond in Italy suggest that FCD has made an offer for AC Milan midfielder Michael Essien. The Gazzetta in Italy has the first report (at least that I could find) about this transfer.

Essien will be out of contract in the summer, meaning any move to MLS would mean he wouldn't arrive until the summer transfer window opens up. More than likely Essien would take up a Designated Player slot and be a big named player that FCD fans have been longing for.

Why this rumor makes sense

Essien fits a need for FCD in the midfield as a workhorse type guy. He can help push and mold someone like Victor Ulloa and provide a nice link from the defense to Mauro Diaz. The Ghanian midfielder is just on the other end of 30, meaning even a two or three year deal for him would be right in the tail end of the prime portion of his career.

Essien only signed a year and a half deal with Milan, where he has played in just 16 games. The Gazzetta's article suggests that he is looking for a fresh start and MLS has been a spot he has been interested in for some time.

It also helps that FCD technical director Fernando Clavijo's son is Essien's agent. Maybe he can work out a good deal for FCD.

Why this rumor won't stick

There are a number of reasons why this one really won't work. First of all, can we expect FC Dallas to spend a big chunk of money on a guy that may not be at his best anymore? Second of all, I'm not the biggest fan of getting a guy in the middle of the season like this. I know it happens more times than not. I'd much rather sign a midfield destroyer like this that is younger and can be here for the start of preseason.

Also, Essien is currently linked with a couple EPL sides like West Brom and Leicester.

What do you all think?

Would you want Essien here in Dallas? Does he even fit what FCD needs this year?