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Richard Sanchez Transferred To Tigres UNAL

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The move that FCD fans had been expecting for two years finally comes true.

Tony Medina

After nearly a year of discussing what kind of deal FC Dallas and Tigres UNAL of Liga MX came together on is finally over. FC Dallas announced on Tuesday that they have officially transferred keeper Richard Sanchez to the Mexican club.

We discussed late last year about the deal with Tigres that reportedly net FCD around $1 million.

More than likely there will be a little more money involved in this deal as well but it should be important to note that according to the club's press release they did not use the verbiage that he was sold to Tigres. Just transferred. I don't know the full detail on this deal but I would imagine that this has something to do with FCD retaining some of Sanchez' player rights. Most clubs use the verbiage that they sold a player and received a transfer fee when these deals come up, FCD did not in this case. Just food for thought.

Sanchez never broke though to the first team with FC Dallas like we all had hoped for this year. In MLS Reserve League action, Sanchez went 2-1-1 with a 1.50 GAA for the 2012 FC Dallas Reserves. The following season, he joined Fort Lauderdale Strikers on loan, starting 14 matches for the NASL side and finished with a 5-6-3 record, 1.428 GAA and three shutouts. In 2014, Sanchez logged 135 minutes of Reserve League action with one win, a clean sheet versus Montreal to start the season.

It is tough to see FCD lose another Homegrown player but given the fact that they were always going to make some money on Sanchez, we can't be too upset over this move. It was always going to happen. It just came down to when it would happen.

Now the hope is that FCD has some extra allocation money to play with (they'll get more on this deal with Sanchez being a HGP than what they normally would with someone else), so hopefully with that extra roster spot they can use it to beef up the roster a bit.