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Javier Hernandez Wants To Leave Manchester United, Should FC Dallas Make An Offer?

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Chicharito would be a massive draw but at likely a massive price.

Jan Kruger

Major League Soccer is quickly turning into a league of clubs who spend and clubs who do not. FC Dallas has typically fallen somewhere in the middle of the pack when the league salary numbers come out each year.

FCD may be looking to improve their roster this summer and though they do not have an open Designated Player slot, they may want to work hard to get an open one. Multiple outlets are reporting that Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández is looking to leave Manchester United as he is no longer happy with his set up there. MLS could be his next destination.

Naturally those are rumors and it is tough to take them super serious but MLS would love to get their hands on him from a marketing stand point, to help out with their TV/media rights talks that are ongoing and just for the reason alone to bring in a big name Mexican player to the league.

Obviously a lot would have to happen for this to work out for FC Dallas. For one, they need an open DP slot because Chicharito will almost certainly command one. Other than that, he would have to be a player that Oscar Pareja would want apart of his current team. [Personally I'd rather see FCD pay that kind of money for someone else, but some of you may differ from me on that.]

I could go on and on about why MLS wants/needs to sign him.

But in a world where FCD does have an open DP slot to use this summer, would you want Dan Hunt to break the bank to get this guy? Do you also think he would have the impact in the stands?