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Rumor: Rodolfo Zelaya Linked To FC Dallas

Zelaya was one of the 22 Salvadoran national team players suspended for participation in match fixing in 2010, including one game that the Salvadoran National Team played against United States National Team.


Just when you think the rumor mill is going to take some time off, a rumor about a player resurfaces. Honduran attacker Rodolfo Zelaya, one of the players suspended last year for participating in match fixing is rumored to be the next target for FC Dallas.

According to this report, Zelaya and FC Dallas has already begun speaking about a deal that would see him return to pitch in August when FCD once the suspension ends.

"I confirm that deserve credit sources that Rodolfo" Fito 'Zelaya met in a restaurant with people from FC Dallas, "wrote Twitter Salvadoran communicator.

Does this rumor have any legs to it? Maybe, maybe not. Zelaya was a target of FCD's in the past and hearing that there could be new communication between the two sides isn't totally surprising to hear either.

Zelaya is only 25 years old and due to this match fixing scandal, his price tag may be a good one for a club like FCD to snag him this summer once his ban is lifted.

The real question remains, does FC Dallas need him? Or will they need him by August? While I am all fine with roster competition, it likely means that someone gets moved aside in all of this if he were to sign with the team. Then there is the battle to get minutes with Blas Perez and David Texeira sitting in front of him. I'm not saying to dismiss this rumor right now but I do read a bit of caution into it.

That being said, do you want Zelaya on this team? Do you think the match fixing scandal will cause any issues here with FCD? Let's discuss that below.