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Raul Fernandez Linked With Another South American Club

It seems that everyone wants Raul Fernandez in South America.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that there are more teams lining up to snag Raul Fernandez from FC DallasPreviously it was Fernandez's former club Club Universitario. Now another South American side is putting their name in the hat for Fernandez's services. Reports from South American suggest today that Uruguayan side Penarol are also interested in the keeper.

I'll let you all do the rough Google translation on the article, basically it is another club that will have to pay a lot of money to snatch him away from FC Dallas, we're talking close to a million dollar transfer if not a lot higher. Fernandez is on the books with FCD until 2016, so it will take a good chunk of money to move him.

This is the silly season after all so reports like this will continue to pop up until the season likely starts or until someone with actual money comes out and really makes a serious push for him. I've been told by a couple people at FCD that the club has no interest in selling him right now. You can't blame them for saying that either.

But here is one idea to toss at you guys that could make sense for both Fernandez and FCD for 2014. Say with Universitario, a club that is reportedly struggling for money at the moment, that FCD loans Fernandez to them for part of the season. That loan would save FCD a small amount on the cap, likely somewhere in the neighborhood of $75-$100k for a short-term loan between February and May.

Now some loans typically do yield MLS clubs a small allocation in the process, so let's say $50k. That would be a good chunk of money for FCD to have off the cap for several months. Let's also not forget that anytime away for Fernandez means more time in goal for guys like Chris Seitz and Richard Sanchez. You can't tell me that the club wouldn't be interested in getting Sanchez some serious playing time this year.

I'm not saying any of this could happen but it is worth throwing out there.