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MLS and FC Dallas Target Rodolfo Zelaya Suspended For Match Fixing

Could this be the reason why no one in Major League Soccer signed the young attacker this summer?


Rumored MLS target Rodolfo Zelaya was one of the 22 Salvadoran national team players suspended for participation in match fixing in 2010, including one game that the Salvadoran National Team played against United States National Team.

That was a wild game back in February of 2010 for those that recall it.  La Selecta held off the US for most of the game -- and even took the lead -- but gave the game away in stoppage time on a goal scored by Sacha Kljestan that followed some very dubious work by the Salvadoran defense.

Here are some highlights that may jog some of your memories.

The 25-year old Zelaya was a big summer target for several MLS clubs this summer including FC Dallas after his performance in the 2013 Gold Cup. He is currently plays for Alianza in El Salvador.

I'm not officially sure how high on the list Zelaya was for Dallas but there was some interest. Houston and D.C. were also said to be high signing him as well.

When I first saw the report come in I didn't think twice about it. But on a second look, I saw Zelaya's name listed and immediately put two-and-two together. As far as I know, no MLS club has ever been involved with any match fixing scandal. So signing a player that is involved in one right now was probably the right call for the league.

Question is, would any of you still want him on FC Dallas' roster?