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Dan Hunt Says Signature Secured, Is The Mauro Diaz Deal Done?

FC Dallas president Dan Hunt says the second signing of this transfer window is done.


Well, well, well. For those wondering what changes FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman was alluding to in his post game press conference on Saturday, we may now finally know them.

We know that for weeks FC Dallas has been after a new signing to go in their midfield. Reports both near and far have suggested Argentine midfielder Mauro Diaz. Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo even went as far as to say that Diaz was a target that the club was very interested in during this summer transfer window.

Now it looks as though Diaz may be joining FC Dallas in the very near future. Dallas president Dan Hunt tweeted out this little nugget of goodness last night:

I know the biggest thing with this signing has been down to the paper work and getting all the T's crossed and I's dotted. Signings, especially international ones can go south at the last minute for any reason. But seeing that the signature is secured, that is a good indication that Dallas is very close to being able to announce Diaz as their next player.

Now the bigger question in my mind will be what kind of deal did Diaz get with the club. I have heard a bit of everything so far in this process from my sources with the team. Anything from a standard deal that would likely get him around $150k-$200k or something more. The 22-year old could even end up being a Young Designated Player after it is all said and done. Yep, you read that correctly, a Young DP to go along with the club's other two DPs, David Ferreira and Fabian Castillo.

Dallas would be the first club in league history to have two Young DPs on their roster as well. It is still too early to speculate if that is actually going to happen to not but that was the early word that I received on this matter.

The other question will be when will the signing be announced? Given how these things typically go, I wouldn't be shocked if we didn't hear anything until next week, when the club is off from league play. A big signing like this is usually best handled when the team is in a week where they don't have a league game to deal with.

The one thing we do know is that changes are coming. Erick was the first, and now Diaz should be the second one. Throw in a couple mid-season loans for guys like Bradlee Baladez and Victor Ulloa (yeah, both are close to going on loan I'm being told) and maybe, just maybe, the ship will start to go back in the right direction.

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