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More on Richard Sanchez and the deal with Tigres

More details of the deal with Tigres are starting to emerge.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this year, the talk of Richard Sanchez and Liga MX side Tigres was all the rage. He was sold, then he was not.

Some new news has broke today regarding Sanchez's deal with FC Dallas and Tigres. Like I've mentioned on here before, there is an agreement between the two clubs for Sanchez. posted a pretty interesting article on Sanchez about his time in Fort Lauderdale as well as the Tigres deal.

Another interesting aspect of Sanchez's professional situation is his player rights. Though he is currently under contract to MLS and FC Dallas, sources tell Goal that Mexican club Tigres purchased a percentage of his player rights over the summer, in the 70-75 percent range, in exchange for a $1 million fee. The arrangement means that Tigres would secure a portion of any future transfer fee generated by a Sanchez move.

The deal came about after Tigres approached FC Dallas to buy Sanchez, only to have Sanchez balk at the proposed transfer. The arrangement is the first of its kind in MLS.

FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo confirmed to Goal the existence of an agreement with Tigres, but was clear to spell out that Dallas still owns his rights, calling the Tigres deal an investment by the Mexican club.

"Tigres owns a percentage of his economic rights and it is a win-win for everybody," Clavijo said. "We still own his rights, still own his contract, and still make the decisions about his career."

I can't confirm's sources but I will say that they do go fairly in line what that of my own. I've been given a slightly lower percentage range but not too far off of that. The percentage of the deal may sound a little high to you, especially when you see that the fee is only at $1 million. But look, there was no way any club was going to guy a young keeper like Sanchez for anything more than $1 million anyways. Goalkeepers just do not go for that much on the open market from what I've seen in the past.

The important part here is that Sanchez is still in FC Dallas' plans for the future, that is why he is on loan right now earning some seriously valuable minutes in Florida. I've had talks with some folks at FC Dallas lately about Sanchez and they all say that he'll be a part of this team next year in some shape.

Just remember, if he does move from FC Dallas to another club, Dallas will still get something in return. They're not going to go away empty-handed here.