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FC Dallas announces USL PRO affiliation with Arizona United SC

Worst kept secret of 2015, but at least it's finally official that FCD will partner with Arizona United.

Arizona United SC

We broke this way back in November, but it's finally happened. FC Dallas has announced their USL Pro affiliation with Arizona United SC.

According to the press release, the agreement allows the MLS club to send younger players on loan to Arizona United SC throughout the 2015 season. Those players may be recalled at any time, enabling FC Dallas to provide its expanding stable of Homegrown and developmental players with quality minutes in the lower division of professional soccer in the U.S.

Coached by former FC Dallas defender Michael Dellorusso, Arizona United finished its inaugural campaign with a 10-13-5 record in 2014. The team's leading scorer last season was FC Dallas Homegrown player Jonathan Top, who joined the team on loan in April, played 1,224 minutes and scored five goals with two assists.

Why Arizona?

The connection established last year. Dellorusso also established a bond with Oscar Pareja with similar coaching styles and methods which makes this an ideal partnership for both clubs. Arizona will get quality players to keep them competitive, and Dallas will be able to give their youth players opportunities for minutes while playing under a similar tactical style of soccer.

An interesting piece of information that came from the release was that Arizona will be in Frisco at the end of the month and will train with FC Dallas. I imagine this will be to establish a good start to the partnership and also allow the coaches to get on the same page. This does mean that London Woodberry will be returning to Dallas for a few days.

How Will it Work?

The release said a minimum of four players from Dallas will go to Arizona. Not sure if there's a maximum. I'll try to dig that up later. There will also be the freedom for Dallas to recall any of their players at any time, so should Dallas be ravaged by injuries (knock on wood), they will still have the ability to recall players for depth.

Who Will Go?

Ha! That we don't know yet. But of course, something we'll get to later this week.

So what do you guys think? Excited about Arizona or just breathing a sigh of relief that it's finally done with? Who do you guys think will be loaned out? Anyone now thinking of making a trip to Phoenix this year?