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FC Dallas Player Salary Update: Numbers on Diaz and Erick

The MLS Players Union dropped their latest salary updates...some interesting numbers.

As usual, the MLS Players Union released an update to the players salaries for the season. FC Dallas has made a couple changes to their roster since the first salary report earlier this season.

From the quick glance, there are some interesting nuggets to take from this update.

Player Name Base Salary Total Compensation
Mauro Diaz $312,000 $398,000
Danny Garcia $48,000 $64,000
Erick $84,000 $85,875

First up, there is Diaz. Holy cow. That is a pretty big number for a young player but one we expected. Early reports indicated that Diaz could be a Young Designated Player but when the signing was announced there was no indication that he was a DP for the club. So from this news, it sounds like the club was able to pay down his salary a little bit to keep him away from being a DP.

Erick's numbers are about what I expected. Maybe slightly higher than one would have wanted for a guy that has been banged up since he got here. But I'm willing to change my mind when I see him actually play for the club, especially if he does well.

Garcia's numbers are what you'd expect for a Homegrown player too. Though his total compensation is actually better than four other Homegrown players on the team.