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Zach Loyd Is The Only Expiring Contract For FC Dallas

The veteran defender is the only player with his current deal finishing up at the end of the season.

Cooper Neill

With the 2013 season entering the final stretch, it will soon be time to start focusing on the 2014 season. As odd as that sounds and as weird as it is for me to type that in the middle of August, it is true.

FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo talked with 3rdDegree's Steve Hunt recently about how the roster is shaping up to be for next year and it turns out there won't be a lot of contract renewals for next year.

During a brief conversation with FC Dallas technical director Fernando Clavijo early last week, he confirmed that right back Zach Loyd is the only current member of the FCD roster whose contract will expire at the end of the season.

Clavijo has a policy in place to not extend contracts during the regular season. Probably a smart policy to have considering how some players like Ugo Ihemelu ended up getting hurt early on in their new deals.

We've talked before on here how Loyd is up for renewal at the end of the season and at one point argued for the club to retain him. But it has been a long year for the veteran defender and the club. I've honestly gone back and forth on my thoughts to re-sign him as well. And with young players like Kellyn Acosta and London Woodberry waiting in the wings behind him, it is going to be tough to keep him around at a good cost.

The 3rdDegree report also mentioned that the club does hold options on several players, including midfielder Ramon Nunez and backup goalkeeper Chris Seitz. Claivjo confirmed that both left back Jair Benitez and captain David Ferreira each have one year remaining on their contracts.

Needless to say, these next few weeks will go a long way in shaping next year for this club.