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FC Dallas Injury Update: News On Loyd, Jacobson and Zimmerman

Loyd and Jacobson underwent MRIs on Monday.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Injuries as we all know are apart of the game. FC Dallas unfortunately saw two starters go down during Sunday's 3-3 draw with the LA Galaxy.

In a press call on Tuesday morning, Schellas Hyndman gave updates on several players including Zach Loyd and Andrew Jacobson. Both players had MRIs on Monday to examine the extent of their injuries from Sunday's match.

First up is an update on Loyd's status. While the results are good, he is doubtful to travel tomorrow with the club to Portland.

"We did a MRI and it looks like a mild strain, which is good news. He'll be out on day-to-day and we'll have to re-evalutate how he is feeling if there is swelling and so forth."

The news for Jacobson doesn't sound as good though. Talking with Jacobson after the match on Sunday you could tell he was not his normal self in the locker room. After hearing Hyndman's comments below, it sounds like Jacobson could be on the shelf for a couple weeks at best.

"AJ seemed to have a flare up with a hamstring. I think it is going to be a little bit of time before we get him back as we are still evaluating him."

Rookie defender Walker Zimmerman has also been on the injury report a lot this season. Hyndman says that he has improved though getting over one last hurdle may be keeping him from seeing time on the bench with the club.

"He is about where we thought he would be. He's coming back. I think the hamstring is 100% fine. In the meantime some other older injuries have resurfaced as he's been trying to get his hamstring rested. He's 100% ready to go but I don't know if he is 100% mentally ready to go."

And lastly is an update on newcomer Erick. Hyndman hopes to at least get a full 45 minutes out of him to help boost his fitness. But with three games in seven days coming up, it may be hard to get him consistent minutes without burning him out or re-injurying him.

"Yeah I hope he is ready for a half. You know he's been with us for about a month but he picked up two hamstring injuries. I think he felt like a chicken in the oven the other day. He came out very excited, wanting to play hard, and I think you would agree with me that the first 20 minutes he did a really good job. But then he hit a hill, and it was up hill the rest of the game. We were going to make a change at halftime with him but we didn't expect AJ to pull himself out. That was something we were not ready for and we couldn't make two changes in the midfield like that."