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Jackson Picked Up Possible Concussion Against Real Salt Lake

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The Brazilian midfielder was subbed out at halftime of the RSL game.


It was a substitution that no one really questioned at the time. At the start of the second half of the 3-0 loss to Real Salt Lake last Saturday, FC Dallas manager Schellas Hyndman made one quick change to bring Ramon Nunez on for Jackson.

The sub at the time seemed logical, Jackson wasn't having the best game against Real Salt Lake, so brining in some fresh legs and creativity from Nunez seemed like a smart move.

Well, it turns out that the sub was due to a possible head injury for Jackson. Steve Hunt over at Third Degree reported on Monday that the Gaffer made the quick change because he absolutely had to.

"Yeah, there was an injury. It was a concussion," Hyndman said. "So, he felt dizzy at halftime. Now I'm setting up the team, making one change. It wasn't that change but already making one change and as a staff, we talk through what we're going to say to the team. Then the trainer says to me he's out. It was as much a surprise to me as you all. It wasn't anything to do with his play."

"No, I think it's going to be a minor concussion. They kept on asking him questions and they weren't getting much of a response and then when they started asking him questions in Portuguese, he started responding. So much for testing," Hyndman quipped.

Jackson should be fine for this Saturday's game against the Montreal Impact though. Hunt did also mention that the last time that Jackson was listed on the injury report with a concussion was last July and it turns out that he missed three games following that thanks to the knock on his head.

Those wanting more Nunez may be getting their wish here soon.

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