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FC Dallas Injury Update: Players Fighting Through Injury

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As one would expect, the injury list is a little larger after a big spell of games.

Yep...we're both a little banged up here.
Yep...we're both a little banged up here.

The last few weeks have been rough on FC Dallas, not only in the win column department but in the case of players getting injured. It is just that time of the year really when the games add up on players legs and little tweaks begin to show their ugly self.

Wednesday at training there were several faces missing according to a report over at Third Degree. While the official injury report isn't out yet (that should come later in the day or at the latest tomorrow morning), Steve Hunt was at least able to get Schellas Hyndman on the record about a couple potential players being out for Saturday's home game against Real Salt Lake.

Two names we have seen on the injury report for the last month have been defender George John and rookie defender Walker Zimmerman. Hyndman has already ruled Zimmerman out for Saturday's game but it sounded like John could be a game-time decision here though he still hasn't returned to full training here.

Aside from Zimmerman and John, the list of players hurt included left back Jair Benitez, midfielders David Ferreira and Jackson, and keeper Raul Fernandez.

Benitez had a MRI on his knee on Tuesday morning. Hyndman stated that there was no issue there with it though.

Jackson picked up a groin injury during the LA game last week. They held him out yesterday but if he goes on Friday in training, you can figure him on being in the game-day 18.

Fernandez picked up a bug or a virus in his throat. My two cents are that the picked up strep throat from the sound of things. Hyndman also mentioned that the team is worried he is contagious so they are having to wait until Thursday to see what to do with him here.

The bigger news may have surrounded Ferreira though. Hyndman said he is carrying injuries on his ankle and quadriceps. It should be no surprise to anyone that Ferreira is carrying at least one injury given the amount of fouls he has suffered this season. Hyndman also revealed that Ferreira is and probably has been going at 75 percent here. Oh lovely.