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Reports: Richard Sanchez Sold To Tigres

FC Dallas opts to cash in early on the young Mexican keeper.

Tony Medina

It may have come too soon for some but reports Wednesday state that FC Dallas has sold young Homegrown keeper Richard Sanchez to Mexican side UANL Tigres.

The selling price, a cool $1 million according to reports today. My sources also tell me that there is a hefty sell-on percentage tacked to this transfer, which could, in the long run be a very good deal for FC Dallas.

Sanchez will become the second Homegrown player in league history to be sold and the first to be sold without ever playing a second for the senior team.

Sanchez will be joining Mexican side UANL Tigres for the 2013 Apertura season, Tigres announced on Wednesday.

Now the Mexican club did jump the gun just a bit on announcing this deal. FC Dallas has yet to release any details on this or even give an official comment.

I was a bit shocked at first when I read this report. For months sources of mine always claimed that the club was working on a summer loan for Sanchez ahead of the FIFA U-20 World Cup. I always figured an actual sell of Sanchez would come later this summer after the World Cup.

Still, this is business and with the sell on fee that FC Dallas stands to get one day, it is good business. It will be interesting to see what cut MLS takes out of this since the transfer is only a $1 million. Normally a MLS club only gets two-thirds of any transfer fee but with Sanchez being a HGP, they'll get a solid three-forths.

With the summer transfer window set to re-open in a couple months, that extra allocation to spend is going to be huge for Dallas.