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FC Dallas Zeroing In On Stadium Sponsor? reports that the team is very close to having a title sponsor for the stadium.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

January 2012 was a tough month for FC Dallas, sure they good MLS SuperDraft by picking Matt Hedges in the first round but the front office had to deal with some upsetting news that Pizza Hut was pulling out of the stadium sponsorship in Frisco.'s Matt Barbour is reporting Monday that the club is getting closer to having a stadium sponsor again.

"We're working on three [potential sponsors] right now ... for this season," Hunt told this past weekend. "It would be a partial deal for this season and a full deal next season. If I do my job, I hopefully will get one of them to put their name on the stadium and complex and get the others to support the team through another sponsorship."

"One's an international company who has a very big presence in the Texas market, one has subsidiaries headquartered here and offices on the East Coast and one is headquartered here," said Hunt.

The City of Frisco has also been working with the club to help find a sponsor too according to the report. It should be noted that the city does have a little say in the stadium seeing how they helped with the construction of the stadium back in the day.

These sorts of deals always take a long time to happen. I'm pretty sure we reported for two years before AdvoCare became the jersey sponsor for the club.

All of this is positive news nonetheless. Another sponsor means more money in the club's pockets. Hopefully that means more commitment to the team as well.