Is Kellyn Acosta the best player from Dallas now?


Omar Gonzalez may think so after that free kick. H/T to folks posting this on Twitter this morning.



Someone posted this glorious piece of art work on Reddit.

MLS Flow Chart for fans


Not sure I agree with all of this but here ya go folks. (Credit to Big Soccer for the image and Sounder at Heart for the link)

MLS jumping on the Fabi Hype Train


Everyone is starting to take notice at what Fabian Castillo is doing these days.

Game Day Poster for FCD-SEA game


Pretty rad that FC Dallas is starting to get into the good game day posters like this one of Chris Seitz.

Did Dan Hunt hibernate this winter?


Boy that is a massive beard on the FCD president. It definitely makes us wonder if he just locked himself away this winter and grew that mountain man beard. H/T to Steve Hunt for tweeting out this photo.

MLS x Craft Beer


This site decided to pick a local craft brewery for all MLS clubs. They picked Deep Ellum Brewery for FCD. What do you all think of that selection?

San Jose puts up a billboard in DFW


Curious to know how far the new San Jose Stadium is from our neck of the woods? They have you covered. Oddly enough they put the billboard in Arlington. Not sure why they didn't throw that up near Frisco.

FC Dallas arrives home after playoff exit


FC Dallas arrived back in Frisco today after exiting out of the playoffs on Monday night in Seattle. They were greeted by the FCD Academy kids upon their arrival in Frisco.