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Scratching the Chalkboard

Chalkboard: Jesse Gonzalez comes up huge for FC Dallas against LAFC

Gonzalez’ heroics give Dallas a much earned point

Scratching the Chalkboard: FC Dallas have no answers

FC Dallas completely outclassed by a much superior LAFC

Scratching the Chalkboard: Ride or Die time for Pablo Aranguiz

Can Pablo Aranguiz be the DP FC Dallas needs?

Scratching the Chalkboard: Lot more questions for the FC Dallas offense surface after losing to RBNY

Who’s going to be the offensive fulcrum for FCD?

Scratching the Chalkboard: In Luchi We Trust

Luchi’s system is reaching new heights as Dallas wins in Atlanta.

Scratching the Chalkboard: Jesus Take The Wheel

Are we excited about Jesus Ferreira yet?

Scratching the Chalkboard: FC Dallas abandons possession and nearly pulls it off

FC Dallas opted to go with the counter but it didn’t go as planned

Chalkboard: FC Dallas Homegrown players shine in win over Salt Lake

Gonzalez trusts the kids and is rewarded with a three point party

Scratching the Chalkboard: Team Identity Established

It wasn’t pretty, but FC Dallas is finding their identity

Chalkboard: Dallas gets the possession, but still lacking offensive firepower

FC Dallas is good keeping the ball, but aren’t generating enough chances off of it.

Scratching the Chalkboard: Stick Paxton into our veins

The success or failure of FC Dallas in 2019 rests on Paxton’s shoulders

Scratching the Chalkboard: New Year, Same Result

FC Dallas still unable to find three points

Chalkboard: Is the striker a cursed FC Dallas position?

Dominque Badji looks out of form and out of touch.

Chalkboard: Urruti the Faux #10

Urruti’s taken the position and made it his own

Chalkboard: Defense comes up big for FC Dallas

Dallas rides their defensive strength into the playoffs

Chalkboard: Oscar Pareja’s gamble in Vancouver pays off

Dallas reclaim the top spot in the Western Conference

Scratching the Chalkboard: Can FC Dallas rely on Maxi Urruti?

Perhaps it’s time to bench the striker for a bit.

Scratching the Chalkboard: Does FC Dallas finally have their “closer”

What role will Aguilar play?

Scratching the Chalkboard: Offense Flies

We finally see why Badji is such a great fit for this team

Scratching the Chalkboard: What’s Defending?

A comedy of collective errors sees Dallas drop more points to San Jose

Scratching the Chalkboard: The Crowning of the Prince

Aranguiz first start brings the magic

Chalkboard: Different Team, Different Mentality... Same Result?

Is this beginning of the Collapse of 2018?

Chalkboard: Swapping Barrios and Urruti Key for FC Dallas

Pareja made a critical adjustment that helped FCD take all three points vs SKC

Chalkboard: Homegrowns Deliver Solid Performance

Ulloa and Cannon step up for Dallas.

Chalkboard: Mauro Diaz on the left really works for FCD

Pareja has figured out how to keep Diaz on the field without sacrificing the defensive shape.

Scratching the Chalkboard: Dallas Needs to Play Fast

FCD is at their best when there’s an element of chaos

Scratching the Chalkboard: Where’s the love for Hollingshead?

Can we move past that he’s just a good utility player and accept that he’s just good?

Scratching the Chalkboard: Cannon Fired

Reggie Cannon is unleashed

Chalkboard: Mauro Diaz returns to starting lineup and dazzles

Super Mauro is back!

Chalkboard: Pareja continues to excel tactically as head coach

Oscar Pareja continues to impress as head coach for FC Dallas

Chalkboard: Is the 4-4-2 here to stay for FC Dallas?

FC Dallas performs well, but ultimately falls to NYCFC

Chalkboard: Mosquera shows flashes of promise for FC Dallas

Mosquera delivers the goods, Hayes shines and Lamah is looking good in 2018


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