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Scratching the Chalkboard

Scratching the Chalkboard: Still Falling Short

It was their best performance in Seattle, but still not enough

Scratching The Chalkboard: Practical Approach Sees Dallas into Conference Semis

Luchi’s more pragmatic approach advances Dallas in the playoffs

Scratching the Chalkboard: Dallas finally found the winning formula against Nashville

He didn’t score, but it was actually Ricardo Pepi who made a huge difference in the outcome

Scratching the Chalkboard: Fullbacks give Dallas the three points

Bryan Reynolds continues his meteoric rise in the win.

Scratching the Chalkboard: Where’s the offense?

Dallas continues to struggle to create any note worthy chances

Scratching the Chalkboard: Dallas embarrasses themselves on the national stage

Just one point out of a possible 9 against Nashville

Scratching the Chalkboard: Tessmann, Acosta and Ricaurte lead from the midfield

Luchi’s got the midfield figured out - for now.

Scratching the Chalkboard: Points dropped and lots of questions

Chalkboard: FC Dallas ineffective in the attack (again)

Not much for Dallas, despite even being up a man for 20 minutes.

Scratching the Chalkboard: Santi’s hat trick fueled by the solid defense

Love to Santi is deserved, but so was the play by Matt Hedges and Reto Ziegler

Scratching the Chalkboard: Magic from Andres Ricaurte

Dallas’ new #10 delivers goal of the season and a win over Houston.

Scratching the Chalkboard: Nelson’s Rising Star

The draft pick is making the most of his opportunities under Luchi Gonzalez.

Scratching the Chalkboard: FC Dallas looked awful, again

Hedges sets club record, but offensive woes continue for Dallas.

Scratching the Chalkboard: Who is FC Dallas?

Dallas held scoreless again against one of the league’s newest teams.

Chalkboard: Lethargic play doomed FC Dallas in loss to Nashville SC

More frustration as Dallas continues to use the 5-3-2 formation.

Scratching the Chalkboard: The Transformation of Michael Barrios

Consistency from the wing has helped Dallas over the half decade

Scratching the Chalkboard: The Cobra Strikes

Ondrasek single handily willed Dallas to a point

Chalkboard: Tanner Tessmann impresses in debut with FC Dallas

The depth of the FC Dallas midfield shined in home opener

Chalkboard: The Kids Did FC Dallas Proud

... but questions remain with the veterans on this team

Chalkboard: Floodgates opened as FC Dallas finally found some offense

FC Dallas gave the home crowd a memorable finale

Scratching the Chalkboard: Dallas wastes heroic performance from Jesse Gonzalez

Jesse did not deserve the 3-0 scoreline.

Chalkboard: FC Dallas defense falls apart in loss to Chicago Fire

Chicago makes a gutsy choice and it pays off.

Chalkboard: FC Dallas keeps things simple in win over Cincinnati

Dallas keeps things simple and reaps the rewards with another victory

Scratching the Chalkboard: Jesus Take The Wheel

Whatever happens, keep Jesus on the field

Chalkboard: Ryan Hollingshead shows off versatility in FC Dallas’ draw against Montreal

Versatile leftback has been key during transition year

Chalkboard: Matt Hedges puts on a masterclass in FC Dallas’ loss to LA

Not the result they wanted, but the FCD defender put on a very good show.

Scratching the Chalkboard: Going right and direct help push FC Dallas to victory

Dallas played with more aggression, more direct and got the goals

Chalkboard: FC Dallas loss in Orlando provides no answers, just more questions

Who’s going to be the difference maker down the stretch?

Scratching the Chalkboard: FC Dallas experiencing the lows of “Play Your Kids”

Fun mantra with great upside, but "Play Your Kids" has a serious downside too

Scratching the Chalkboard: Where’s Jesus Ferreira’s best position?

We’re starting to see the full breadth of Jesus’ skill set

Chalkboard: FC Dallas’s Mighty Makeshift Midfield

Riddled with absences, Jacori Hayes and Ryan Hollingshead proved their utility

Scratching the Chalkboard: Gruezo & Acosta provide the stability

Sometimes just having your best players back makes all the difference


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