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Grab your own Luchi Gang T-Shirt today!

Need a cool gift for the holidays? We have you covered.

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Thanks to our friends over at BreakingT, we have a brand new FC Dallas shirt, just in time for the holiday season.

We’ve talked for the last two season about being in the Luchi Gang as the second year head coach continues to make history with the team. Following Sunday’s big, epic penalty shootout win in the MLS Cup Playoffs over the Portland Timbers, it is time to commemorate it in a new shirt.

Check out this awesomeness:

Get your Luchi Gang shirt today!

Follow this link right here to order your shirt today.

While you’re at it, be sure to pick up a Paxton Pomykal shirt as well. The Pomykal shirt debuted back in the spring after his game-winning goal in the season opener against the Philadelphia Union. Both are available today and will make a great holiday gift for yourself or the FC Dallas fan in your house.

We hope to be offering more awesome shirts like this with our friends over at BreakingT.