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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The US Open Cup wraps up tonight in Orlando.

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SOCCER: MAY 08 MLS - Houston Dynamo FC at FC Dallas Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The US Open Cup wraps up tonight in Orlando as we get an MLS vs USL battle. On one hand, we have Oscar Pareja and Orlando, and on the other we have Sacramento. It should be fun.

// FC Dallas //

Power Rankings Recap: Looking at where FC Dallas landed after Weeks 28 & 29 - Big D Soccer
FC Dallas’ big start to September keeps them within a chance to host a playoff game and folks are high on the improvement in the midfield.

// MLS //

Orlando City chase history in US Open Cup final: “It’s there for the taking” |
It is kind of crazy to me that Orlando could win a trophy and also miss the playoffs this year. I know they’re sitting above the playoff line right now, but don’t be shocked if they take a huge dip after this game tonight.

U.S. Soccer looking into Orlando City staffer spying on Sacramento Republic’s training session - The Athletic
Given the number of games played at this point in the year, there is no need for this sort of thing. You already have a ton of film on clubs right now, so spying on a training session is just stupid. But also, training at a public park is kind of asking for it.

With Sacramento's MLS plans on hiatus, a U.S. Open Cup win would etch team into American soccer lore | ESPNFC
Once tabbed to join MLS, Sacramento's U.S. Open Cup run is more than about pride -- it's about showing how to compete with the country's top teams.

Curtin to Wolff: Ranking MLS’s top 5 Coach of the Year candidates |
I do appreciate the love for Nico Estevez in this piece. His turnaround of this club shouldn’t go unnoticed this year. Is he a contender for this award, sure? Will he win it? No. Not unless they win out and some other crazy stuff happens.

Houston Dynamo FC hits the reset button with Nagamura's dismissal | The Striker
The Dynamo never really gave Paulo Nagamura a fighting chance with the roster that lacked quality playmakers and defenders.